Collection: Antico Doccia


Table Service With Classic Lines

Doccia is the extraordinary place, the wonderland, where in 1735 the artistic and entrepreneurial intuition of Marquis Carlo Ginori gave life to our historic Manifattura, the white gold factory. Our home. Since then, the Ginori 1735 Antico Doccia line has made an indelible contribution to the definition of our deepest essence, what makes us who we are and what distinguishes us the world over as a house of excellence in pure porcelain and design. A curved line and a profile inspired by Late-Baroque period Florentine silverwork: these are the precious yet simple ingredients that still make Antico Doccia a style that has never grown old, never been new, a style that is timeless. You can see it on the plates, tureens and all of the other pieces in pure white porcelain that bear this name. An essential, pure white that feels like coming home, to a place of our own that never feels weary.

Antico Doccia