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Water Lily Linen Tablecloth

Water Lily Linen Tablecloth

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65 x 124”

A romantic, Impressionist scene of pale pink water lilies and koi fish that float gracefully across bright blue waters.
The vibrant colours of the linen evoke the tranquillity of a serene water garden, almost like you’ve stumbled into a painting in your own dining room.
The tablecloth and napkin collection invites a sense of peacefulness to the table, with gentle brushstrokes that create the impression of movement and true depth in the water, amidst lush green lily pads. Whether you’re hosting a garden brunch or a romantic candlelit dinner, Waterlily prompts a certain kind of atmosphere that your guests will never want to leave.

Printed on 100% pure French linen. Matching napkins available.
An oasis awaits…

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